Nature Morgana creates sceneries and patterns which might occur in nature, but do not really exist. We take photos and transform them through a multi-layered process.

Symmetries are created and then broken apart; structures and elements are combined to create new forms. This produces pictures, which invite meditative contemplation. They open completely new perspectives and are, when observed carefully, full of tiny, surprising detail. Frieder Salm made a name for himself as photographer and cameraman working on nature documentaries and in advertising for customers including GEO,

Porsche and Mercedes. Carl Finkbeiner established himself through music videos and is a cameraman, author and filmmaker – largely in the film industry. Both also pursued their own art projects. In exhibitions Frieder Salm presented, metalworks, photo emulsion und light boxes, while Carl Finkbeiner focussed on music installations and video art. In 2009 they did their first joint art work, producing Nature Morgana.